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When's the last time you dunnit?

dunnit culture

Dunnit product is designed and developed with the purpose of satisfying the needs of consumers who appreciate style, color, simplicity and, most of all, affordability. We direct our energies into achieving these properties by closely observing our core customer and his or her needs.

The typical Dunnit customer can be found on college campuses or on fashionable urban streets and can be best described as intellectual, philosophical, logical, street-smart and forever striving to express his or her own individuality.

Dunnit product is affordable because we do not use big corporate advertising companies to promote our shoes. We do not use celebrities to endorse our products. Those advertising dollars are yours and do not belong to Corporate America or Hollywood Celebrities. We advertise by word of mouth. Our product and our consumers are our marketing tool.

Dunnit culture is best characterised by our classic sneaker, the Phantom. This shoe is affordable, comfortable, simple and stylish. It comes in 20 plus color ways - a color for every mood, every occasion and every personality. It has attitude. We all set out to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. Step forward and make the effort so that you too can say – "dunnit".

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